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History of the 121st:
Task Force 121 was created in 2267 as a response to building tensions between the United Federation of Planets and the Klingon Empire. The Task Force was charged with black ops espionage missions behind Klingon lines. Following the outbreak of the Federation-Klingon War, the 121st engaged in deep strike missions on Klingon shipyards and other military facilities. At the end of the war, the task force was deactivated until the outbreak of the Federation-Cardassian war in 2347. Task Force 121 again was sent on sorties deep behind enemy lines and continues aggressive operations until 2366 when Task Force 121 was recalled to join the Battle Group at Wolf 359 preparing to engage the Borg. During the battle, Task Force 121 was completely annihilated. The records show, however that no ship of the 121st was assimilated, the crews having managed to destroy their ships when boarded. A few years later in 2373, the 121st was reconstituted with 3 starships to fight back against the Dominion. Reaching Cardassia long before the bulk of Federation forces, the Task Force used guerilla tactics to pave the way for a Federation advance on Cardassia.

Current Status of the 121st:
Task Force 121 is currently based at Deep Space 9 under the command of Rear Admiral Vreese Sai'nu, where it is undergoing replenishment and training operations in preparation for its next deployment. Although its orders are highly classified, it is rumored that the 121st will be deployed to Gamma Orionis to seek revenge on the Borg for their unit's humiliation at Wolf 359.

Acting Command:
Admiral Vreese Sai'nu along with her niece Ivaniva Millosavic Sai'nu serve as the command authority.

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